Every truea music lover should have a Spotify subscription. This subscription gives you access to all the hottest tracks and albums, all of which you can access through any device. Aside from being a huge streaming service, Spotify also recommends some new tracks to check out based on your history.

If there’s one incredibly useful feature for music lovers who want to try something new, it’s the “Browse” feature. You can browse through thousands of albums and tracks from both new artists and artists from yesteryear. This feature also lets you check out the hottest new albums from artists all over the world.

Below are some of the hottest Spotify albums of 2019. If you love browsing through new tracks, here are a few more to check out.

Ariana Grande – Thank U, Next

There’s no way you haven’t heard this album’s title track! Thank U, Next is like the new self-care anthem for those who have had their heart broken. Combining Ariana’s signature vocals, a catchy beat, and a positive outlook, it’s no surprise that listeners keep playing the entire track list over and over again.

The Twilight Sad – It Won/t Be Like This All the Time

No, that’s not a typo. That slash is actually there to serve a profound purpose – to show listeners that in the shadow of grief, you can’t even type properly anymore. The Twilight Sad recorded their 5th album in the wake of Scott Hutchison’s death. Scott Hutchison was the frontman of Frightened Rabbit, an indie rock band TWS would often work with. The album itself is considered to be a meditation on inner demons and how music can exorcize them.

Billie Eilish – When WE Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

You can’t categorize Billie Eilish’s music into one genre. She mixes aspects of dance, folk, and rap, and packages it into tracks that you can play in indie jazz clubs, rock concerts, and electronica festivals. With tracks like Bad Guy and Bury a Friend, this album will leave you anticipating what Eilish will create next.

Lifafa – Jaago

This eight-track solo is perfect for lovers of lo-fi beats and electronica with a South Asian twist. Created by SuryakantSawhney, the frontman of Peter Ca Recording Co., Jaago is a collection of moody, ambient tracks that add a touch of modernity to traditional South Asian music. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re looking for something fresh yet relaxing.

Which of these hot new Spotify albums do you want to listen to next?