It’s not hard to see why so many people think of London as the world’s LGBT capital. There are a plethora of entertainment venues in this cosmopolitan city to enjoy. Needless to say, they welcome the non-LGBT community as well.

There is a flip side – gay men tend to dominate LGBT-friendly venues and members of the trans community feel excluded even in these spaces. Still, it is not impossible to find a TS date in London. You just need to know where to look! In terms of trans dating, London has replaced the conventional cities of love, Rome, and Paris amongst others.

One option is the internet, and it’s a great one for people who aren’t into clubbing and barhopping. Not all dating sites are created equal. Go beyond the standard with only binary gender categories. The best sites have tens of genders to choose from.

Stay away from sites that use derogatory terms or anything that looks fishy. There are plenty of scams out there. It’s best to use international platforms like TS Dates and TG Personals. These are the most popular options for trans dating in the British capital. TG Personals has a vast number of categories, including trans female, intersex, trans male, and androgynous. A lot of the ladyboys on this site are looking for cisgender partners. 

Other popular trans dating sites and apps include OKCupid, Grindr, Thurst, Bumble, Teadate, Jack’d, Chappy, and Plenty of Fish. Of course, we should not forget Transdr, Tinder’s “trans alternative” and a safe zone for all trans men and women who want to find their soul mates.

Don’t let the names of the apps fool you – many Grindr and Transdr users are looking for much more than casual sex. Grindr recently introduced variants for users to choose personal pronouns and new gender categories like “queer,” “non-binary,” and “non- conforming.”

Users of Thurst and Teadate use a search function to narrow down their options. Finding a potential match becomes easier.

Where would you take a trans person on a date in London? Practically anywhere you’d take a non-trans date because London is London. It is a tolerant, international city with residents from all over the world representing all possible races, ethnicities, and genders. You can’t go wrong with Soho, the heart of London’s LGBT community. Popular spots there are Comptons and the G-A-Y bar. There are plenty of trans-friendly accommodations in the area, such as the budget-friendly SoHostel on Dean Street, which features airy, spacious, private double rooms.