Ever since Spotify hit the music scene, music streaming has changed completely. Spotify has the biggest library of music, which means you can spend days exploring new genres and artists. Aside from that, Spotify’s incredibly simple interface makes it easy to use even for those who aren’t familiar with music streaming services. Lastly, anyone can gain access to a huge collection of tracks for just $9.99 in combination with Hulu. What more can you ask for?

Naturally, other streaming services are quick to pick up their pace by attempting to rival Spotify. They’re all doing their best, but Spotify still reigns supreme. However, you might still want to check out other music streaming services in case you find one that’s more suitable for your tastes.

Apple Music

There’s no denying how good Apple is at giving that feeling of exclusivity to its users. Their dedicated streaming platform, Apple Music, remains at the top for most Apple device owners. The reason for this is its impeccable integration with other Apple devices. On top of that, Apple Music lets users store up to 100,000 songs for later use, while Spotify only lets users download a maximum of 9,999 songs. Lastly, Apple Music also has the most flexible payment scheme with a huge discount for students.

Subscription price: $10/month for one user. $15/month for a family plan of up to six users. $5/month for students.$99/year for those who are already subscribed.


Some of us love curating our playlists while others prefer to passively listen to tracks. Pandora is made for the latter because of its thumbs-up/thumbs-down algorithm. Users only need to tune in and upvote or downvote a track based on how much they like it. Pandora then does the rest of the work by playing songs similar to those you upvoted and skipping tracks you’re likely to downvote. This radio-style streaming allows users to just sit back and let the tunes play.

Subscription price: $5/month for ad-free music.$10/month for on-demand music.


The appeal of Tidal lies in its high audio resolution, the highest of any streaming site available. Tidal, sadly, doesn’t have as big a library as the two competitors above. However, what it lacks in tracks it more than makes up for in Hi-Fi service. So, if you have high-quality gear and you want to make the most of it, Tidal is the streaming service for you.

Subscription price: $10/month for compressed 320kbps audio.$20 for lossless 24-bit 1411kbps audio.

With these streaming options, are you willing to take a break from Spotify to try them out?