How VR can enhance your Music Streaming 

Now that major companies have invested in VR technology and released accompanying software and hardware suited for the mainstream market, listeners now have more access to enhanced music steaming. How will VR enhance music streaming? Ultimately, VR music streaming will change the user experience.



Live Streaming

Now that major stakeholders in the music industry have bought into the market’s trend, it’s only a matter of time before enhanced VR music streaming becomes mainstream. Since major companies have mass-produced and distributed VR headsets and accompanying hardware, consumers have more access to VR at an affordable cost. Of course, the word affordable remains relative. However, VR music streaming will increase in correlation with VR headset sales.

As more buyers bring home the technology, the more companies will invest in virtual reality features to keep with the trend. The more industry leaders see a demand in virtual reality music, the more various companies will contribute to enhancing VR music streaming. Now that Facebook has developed live stream capacity with VR, it seems inevitable that music services will offer more live stream capabilities.



Projectably, major music streaming providers will not only offer a collection of music from which to choose. Rather, VR music streaming services will likely allow users to tap into a whole new experience by way of live music. Assumingly, audience sizes at concerts will increase substantially. Predictably soon, an audience member can watch live concerts from the comfort of his or her living room. Plus, attendees will not have to spend money on travel costs or parking tickets.


Music Festivals

Likewise, music festivals will change. If not needing to find a parking spot at Coachella does not convince you that VR can enhance your music, nothing will. Plus, VR will give users the chance to swap seats to get a different view of the performance. Who doesn’t want to swap seats and get up from the music festival to run to the fridge for a snack? While all of these ideas sound appealing, VR is not just an idea. Already, melody VR exists as the first model VR music streaming. Melody VR has partnered with major artists and companies within the music industry.

Interactive Experience


For all of the games, including Beatles Rockband, that have offered users with a chance to play along with the music – it’s only fair that companies developing VR software will enhance the user experience by offering a more immersive view within the game itself. With technology like WaveVR, users can currently enjoy EDM music festival situations. Supposedly, WaveVR is a social platform where people using VR headsets can interact with each other.




You’ve probably heard of the following: stereo sound and surround sound. The former involves sound you hear when you listen to headphones or with speakers. Surround sound is the kind of music you hear at the movie theatre. Surround sound is set on multiple speakers to make audiences feel immersed in the movie.

VR now offers users a glimpse at 360-degree sound. Binaural audio supposedly mimics sound people hear live because people inherently have binaural hearing. Therefore, users will have a much more immersive experience. For example, now binaural porn exists for the audio to feel intimate and real so that you can hear the events happening all around you.

Porn companies want videos to include 360-degree audio, so that the user will forget he or she is not in the room and believe they are there. As such, the perspective and sound in binaural VR porn videos are designed for the user to feel like he or she is one of the people in the video having sex.